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The Frame

The frame is made of high-alloy aluminium and is manufactured on high-precision machinery and finished to absolute perfection by hand in Germany.



In terms of technology, we at Altinsoy Manufaktur focus on modules from the company SRM. Like our, these are of the highest quality and have been handmade in Germany since 1987. 



Customise your from a wide range of configuration options. You can choose from 3 different titanium coatings. 


lifetime warranty

Altinsoy Manufaktur provides a lifetime warranty on its RoyalBees frame.



Adjust your to suit your body size in just a few simple steps. From 1.5m to 2.1m, every size is adjustable. The frame is designed to withstand loads of up to 150 kilograms.


By using the SRM SMART IT, our is compatible and configurable with almost every system. No matter whether IOS, Android, Windows or Mac OS. This ensures that you can ride your bike completely virtually via apps (e.g. SWIFT).



Our revolutionary honeycomb design combines the highest standards of stability, precision and functionality. That is design made in Germany, a worldwide seal of quality for first-class bikes, unique and patented.

Our Materials

Ways Of Individualism

Carbon fibre

Forged Carb.


Brown Midio
Black leather


Walnut / USA

Both carbon and wood can be ordered in gloss or matt finish.

THE ultimative 

The materials are manufactured with the highest quality in mind. To meet this demand, all the materials we use are handpicked and tested repeatedly. From the individual screw to the frame, we set new standards in terms of quality. The screws are made of titanium or stainless steel alloy to withstand any vertical and torsional forces. The frame is made of a special aluminium alloy coated with titanium. The front surface is also made of an aluminium alloy to ensure absolute stability. In a further step, this is laminated with real wood or carbon. The thickness of the lamination measures 2 mm.

This combination of different precious materials ensures that function with precision in any environment and in any weather.No matter whether on the outside deck of a yacht or in the desert heat of Dubai.


In order to guarantee absolute precision in measurement technology the Altinsoy Manufacture enters into cooperation with SRM. SRM is the world market leader in the power meter sector and, like us, also uses manual work. 
By using SRM modules, have a measurement error rate of less than 1%. Due to this cooperation between Altinsoy Manufaktur and SRM, the plays in a league of its own and sets new benchmarks.

the frame

The unique honeycomb design of the frame guarantees that it satisfies all stability and precision requirements. We give you a lifetime guarantee on the framework’s stability. 
The frame is connected by an in-house developed and patented TRILOC system. 
The new system can withstand any vertical and torsional forces without welding any parts. This revolutionary system is unique and provides extra stability. 
The frame is mounted on an 8-point tilt foot system. Through this it is ensured that the will stand securely on any ground surface.

handlebar are designed in such a way that every standard handlebar and saddle can be  fitted without any problems. This ensures that you can ride with exactly the handlebars and saddle you would like to use. We will gladly install your handlebars and saddle before delivery.

Shipping are ready to use. We ship your individual worldwide to any address you choose. We use a high-quality wooden crate to send the to you in immaculate condition.
The dimensions of the box are 
165 cm (long)
70 cm (wide)
100 cm (high)

Select your bike

Choose from three different titanium coatings for your aluminum alloy frame.Wählen Sie bei
Ihrem Rahmen aus Aluminiumlegierung aus drei verschiedenen Titanbeschichtungen.

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